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I still don't believe in religion...

As my friends can attest to who’ve been dealing with serious health issues, or who have had life changing experiences due to accidents or deaths of those close to them – life, is, in fact, quite short.

When we’re kids in school, the days drag on, the same way they do if we have to sit in an office. When we’re doing things we love with people whose company we enjoy, time appears to fly by. Time is still the same – all that changes is our perception of it.

I know many people no longer believe in God, a Creator, or an afterlife. But I still do. It seems clear that we are essentially spirits/souls having a physical experience here on this earth, with each other. I don’t know the meaning of life, except that life will have the meaning that we give to it.

If we’re all souls from the same source, our physical presentation isn’t really all that meaningful. Our spirits don’t have a skin color, our spirits don’t have a sex, our spirits don’t divide up into religions or political parties. We just have that while we’re here. How foolish we must feel at the moment after death, when we see how we skewed our priorities in so many parts of our lives, and wasted time and opportunities.

I have made a fool of myself many times. But I don’t want to feel foolish when I leave this earth. I want everyone to know that even if I really dislike something that you say or do or believe, I still know that you have just as much right to breathe the air of this earth as I do. I will never wish you harm. I will never want you to feel alone or unloved. I know we’re on the same journey, we’re just finding different paths to get to where we’re going.

And even if you don’t believe in God, when I say “God bless you” – I hope you know it means that I wish all the best for you.

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