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Blake family of 10 children
On the set of the pilot for Salem on WGN

California native Amelia Blake combines folk/rock, singer/songwriter introspection and alternative country to form a sound that is all her own. The ninth of ten daughters, she’s been playing guitar and writing songs since childhood, heavily influenced by the standards of both her parents’ and grandparents’ musical eras, as well as the sixties’ folk sounds she learned at her older sisters’ feet. The granddaughter of a vaudeville musician and the daughter of a musician father and operatically trained mother, she absorbed the musical surroundings of her upbringing and it shows in her music.

A BMI affiliated songwriter and performer, Amelia’s voice has been described as reminiscent of Eva Cassidy, Emmylou Harris and Nanci Griffith. Yet her singing style harkens back to the golden age of movie musicals.

Amelia's 2003 album, Old Horses, was featured on Laney Goodman's "Women in Music". In 2008, Amelia was one of 19 songwriters chosen by Nashville writer Skip Ewing for a scholarship to attend his brainchild: songwriting retreat/workshop, “Horse & Writer“.  Amelia was thrilled and honored to be included in the lineup.

Amelia married singer/songwriter Dan Garner in 2013; both were members of the acoustic trio Airheart, which featured Amelia, Dan and Paula O’Neal. The trio is an honorary member of the Louisiana Hayride, and Airheart's 2014 album, All Dressed Up, was on the ballot for the 58th Annual Grammy Awards.

These days, Amelia is based in northwest Louisiana. She and Dan turn up together from time to time as the duo the Flying Teacups. She is the proud mother of four grown children, grandmother to five, and is devoted to animal welfare.

at the 2016 Grammy awards with Dan Garner
Dan and Amelia at the 2016 Grammy Awards
Amelia Blake with an old horse
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