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From Amelia:

Oh my've caught me procrastinating  - again! I started my album back in 2020, recorded two tracks, released one as a single, then....stalled.

I have so many songs that I've been singing for years but that never made it to an album, or that I wanted to record better. But now I'm tired of those songs. I've actually been writing and some of those songs will make it on to the finished project. Which I have to finish in the next two months, because I'm playing a fun festival in California on July 1st, and festivals are just about the only place left you can sell physical CDs. So hang on, it's coming. THEN the album of covers, which has been in the wings for years as well. 

Thank you for your kind patience! 

Kitty Kiki watchng singer/songwriter Amelia Blake perform online
Singer/songwriter Amelia Blake performing live at the Noble Savage in downtow Shreveport, Louisiana

at the Grammy awards in my Cinderella gown

Backstage at the El Portal Theatre 2020 Indie Collaborative show

 In front of
Paul McCartney's London home
Amelia Blake and Dan Garner as the Flying teacups refugio tx front page June 2018

Front page with husband Dan Garner as the Flying Teacups in south Texas, June 2018  benefit concert.

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