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This is the first post, with a photo.

I changed the author so that it's me here instead of my facebook profile. This is me in front of Paul McCartney's house in London! (yes, I am a little ashamed to admit that we stalked Sir Paul, though he was in the US when we were in London) I have a tendency to run on for long periods of time. My brain never turns off, which is why I can't sleep at night. This started long before menopause, so I can't entirely blame the hormonal changes. In the past couple of years, I realized I was spending way too much time on facebook. Worse than that, I had to share my opinions on people's posts...pretty often. I realized that there were a few of my facebook friends who were in the habit of writing very long opinion posts, sometimes more than once a day. This annoyed me. I realized that if I found it annoying in someone else, then that must certainly also be true when *I* post long opinions.

So I am giving you the option of skipping this, since in order to read it, you have to leave facebook and spend a few minutes here.

I have to warn anyone reading that my observations and opinions are very likely to cause you disappointment or dismay. I don't know of any person that I agree with on much of anything. It's why I don't like politics - or any situation where I'm supposed to let someone speak for me. I speak for myself. And so should you. But there I go, giving my opinion again.

Anyway, if there's a place for my opinion, this is it. It's my own little corner of the internet.

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01 de dez. de 2021

You took the words right out of my mouth!

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